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The Pythagoras theorem is studied by almost every high school or college student all over the world. We have used this theorem of squares of the lengths of sides of the right angled triangle in solving numerous problems in geometry for years.

Pythagoras lived from 570 to 495 BCE, i.e. for about 75 years. Several scholars such as Albert Burk (1) and others say that Pythagoras visited and lived in India where he learned Indian Philosophy and Sciences. Dr. Raj Vedam, in his talks (2) narrates the story of Pyathagoras’ visit to India. Burk suggests that he learned in Sourthern India. Raj Vedam postulates that Pythagoras could have studied at Kanchipuram. Even though we are told that Kanchipuram was the capital of the Pallava Kingdom, its history is significantly older.

When Pythagoras returned to Greece, he was called a madman because he had become vegetarian! His diet was predominantly based on nuts, corn and fruit. He set up an education system based on the Gurukulam style of India.

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Jayakumar Srinivasan

Jayakumar Srinivasan

Dr. Jayakumar Srinivasan is founder of Arsha Vidya Satsanga in Houston, whose mission is to re-establish cultural self-identity, and reinstate agency and cognitive independence for Hindus. Weekly Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, and Sanskrit classes began in 2004. Jayakumar is also deeply committed to the social development of India. Inspired by H. H. Swami Dayananda ji, he led and made Houston’s AIM For Seva Chapter into one of the largest in the nation. In 2010, Hindus of Greater Houston awarded him the Akhil Chopra Unsung Hero award for his leadership in the Houston community. Dr. Jayakumar believes that, among other things, the colonization of India has resulted in a damaged Hindu psyche, and considers education, re-assessment of colonial history and development of alternate narratives to be antidotes to re-establishing a healthy cultural self-identity and a dynamic society. In 2012, he founded the Indian History and Awareness Research initiative, a forum to research, understand, and disseminate awareness of Indian History as experienced by Indians. A doctorate in Chemical Engineering, Dr. Jayakumar has over 25 years of experience in the Chemical Industry.