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Rajiv Malhotra’s “Breaking India” Creates Waves

September 16, 2011

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HOUSTON: September is Hurricane Season in Houston. And, as expected, a powerful hurricane hit Houston last weekend, sweeping away 300 enthralled Indo-American intellectuals and professionals in its wake. Category 5 “Hurricane Rajiv” lingered on till late Sunday evening, long after renowned author Rajiv Malhotra made a compelling speech on the research behind his recently released and critically acclaimed 640-page book “Breaking India: Western Interventions in Dravidian and Dalit Faultlines”.

Speaking to a packed Houston audience on “Global Nexuses Undermining India” on September 11, Malhotra explained that India’s integrity is being undermined by three global networks that have well-established operating bases inside India: (i) Islamic radicalism linked with Pakistan, (ii) Maoists and Marxist radicals supported by China via intermediaries such as Nepal, and (iii) Dravidian and Dalit identity separatism being fostered by the West in the name of human rights. This book focuses on the third: the role of U.S. and European churches, academics, think-tanks, foundations, government and human rights groups in fostering separation of the identities of Dravidian and Dalit communities from the rest of India. The book is the result of five years of research, and uses information obtained in the West about foreign funding of these Indian-based activities. The research tracked the money trails that start out claiming to be for “education,” “human rights”, “empowerment training” and “leadership training,” but end up in programs designed to produce angry youths who feel disenfranchised from Indian identity.

Malhotra explained how outdated racial theories continue to provide academic frameworks and fuel the rhetoric that can trigger civil wars and genocides in developing countries. The invention of the Dravidian race in the 19th century and its latest manifestation – the “Dravidian Christianity” movement – fabricates a political and cultural history to exploit old fault-lines and create new schisms in Indian society. The book explicitly names individuals and institutions, including prominent Western ones and their Indian affiliates. Its goal is to spark an honest debate on the extent to which human rights and other “empowerment” projects are cover-ups for these nefarious activities. He made it explicit that if these Western nexuses continue to weaken the Vedic bedrock of India’s civilization, the breaking up of India will only benefit Middle-Eastern interests that are inimical to Western civilization.

Handling the attendees’ queries with aplomb, Malhotra presented a systematic study of the manufacture of many such myths over the last several years and tracked them to organized vested interests. “Conferences” are being conducted by Caucasian right-wingers where concocted Afro-Dalit theories are being spun and declarations such as “India is the mother of racism”, “India is a Dravidian Christian Nation”, and “Christians made Sanskrit” are promulgated. Many Dharma traditions and rituals are being misappropriated by proselytizing missionary organizations in the guise of syncretism. The Aryan Race theory, completely rejected in Europe after the Holocaust, is still masquerading as the Aryan Invasion Theory. Backed by painstaking and analytical research, detailed references and an incisive analysis, the book lays bare the prominent actors in a race to undermine India. See: www.BreakingIndia.com

Breaking India was released in Chennai last year by Swami Dayananda Saraswati, whom Malhotra praised as having the sagacity and broad-mindedness to pursue a pan-Hindu vision. The Houston event was organized by Arsha Vidya Satsanga (AVS), a non-profit organization dedicated to bring the teachings, critical thinking and humanitarian vision of Swami Dayananda Saraswati. AVS President Dr. Jayakumar succinctly explained that its vision is to re-establish the cultural self-identity of Vedic people.

The Panel Discussion was led by three distinguished scholars, Dr. Madan Lal Goel (Prof. Emeritus of Political Science, Univ of West Florida), Dr. T.R.N.Rao (Prof. Emeritus, Univ of Louisiana) and Dr.Sarath Menon (Prof. of Sociology and Anthropology at HCC and Univ of Houston). Sweeping through the history of India from the Mughal rule, Dr. Goel demonstrated that “We cannot take the survivability or the unity of India for granted”. Addressing the role of British colonial policy in creating caste divisions in Indian Society, Dr. Rao described the most inhuman Criminal Tribes Act enacted in 1871 which blatantly sanctioned the genocide of 84 Indian tribes deemed “criminal” by birth.

Dr. Menon has studied the effect of globalization on cultures and societies. He got the audience thinking with his question: “What is the identity the Hindus have evolved over the years and what is the impact of foreign factors on this identity?”

Prominent attendees included Subhash Gupta (President, EVF-USA), Jugal Malani (President, India House) and renowned danseuse Rathna Kumar. Noting the audience’s exuberant feedback, energy executive Sunil Pangarkar stressed, “ As surely as ‘sunlight is the best disinfectant’, this talk has shed light on major forces shaping the future of India and identity of Indians. I for one will read this scholarly book with great interest and pass on the word to as many as I can.” Entrepreneurs Suma Sistla and Krishna Mudan praised the organizers for “a well-conceived, meticulously planned and superbly executed event” and felt that “Malhotra’s intellectually stimulating talk inspired each of us to contribute something to this burning issue we face”.

While Raghava Solipuram underlined that the book gave a sense of responsibility, awareness and clarity to NRIs to protect the motherland, Bhaskara Mutyala felt that educating US policy makers by using the data from the book would be productive. Sunitha Ramiah observed, “Attending this eye-opening program made the Indian history I knew, a fiction. This is the kind of truth about history and current nexuses, backed up by abundant facts and studies, which I want my child to learn to know the ‘True India’.”


September 16, 2011


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